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Another area that Fish and Crane separates itself from many website design and development firms is our knowledge of a wide variety of businesses. From HVAC to engineering to asphalt and business consulting we can help firms in many ways.

law firm website development

Chicago Law Firm

A law firm with over 16 years of real estate and commercial law experience was ignoring their website. They also were being overcharged for their hosting and web services which we were able to consolidate and save them money. We used a Word Press template and most importantly developed content with the client to better express the law firm’s work and long standing excellent reputation.

isumi city karaoke/td>

Real Estate Website

A Japanese real estate company wanted to have an English web presence. We found domain names and selected a theme for the site and content. Phase two is soon to begin, but in the meantime we optimized the site and social media synergy to reach Google first page in important keywords.

isumi city karaoke

Japanese Karaoke Pub

A Japanese karaoke bar with no web presence asked us to make a very simple site. Using a free wordpress template and some creative customizations the site looks ok. But the main purpose was to simply to show up on search enginges and look good on mobile. This responsive site does that and it’s all the client needs. We’ve developed their Facebook and Youtube pages more than the website- again, to meet the client’s budget and needs.

advanced english

English Business Services

This is a basic but very slick website for an English consulting services organization. They wanted a clean design and something that would be easy for them to manage and update themselves. We pride ourselves in giving power to our clients. While it may hurt our bottom line, we don’t think we should make money when a client can be taught web management for most elements easily.

Website design for sealcoating, asphalt company website design

A-1 Asphalt Co.

Simply an incredible success story. This is an example of the opportunities available for firms that recognize the power of a professional website and constant contact. Fish and Crane brought A-1 Asphalt of Minnesota from no online presence in 2009 to one of the most dominating online asphalt forces in their region in 2011. After managing their Google Ad-word campaign it was eliminated due to search engine strength. A testimony to what quality content and effort can do for a company regardless of size or industry.

Website design for online magazine, media,

Mauve Revolution.

Mauve Revolution is a multi media magazine news website that integrates video, audio and print. CSS customization, social media consulting, podcasting, Search Engine Optimization, and live broadcasting support are some of the roles of Fish and Crane for this project. The owner was very much interested in self sufficiency and we provide continuing support of the empowerment of this growing online magazine client.

HVAC website companies, HVAC internet companies, HVAC web development

A1 Peerless HVAC of Chicago

A1 Peerless has been a long time trusted HVAC repair and installation company in Chicago. Their old website lacked content, was incomplete, and failed to tell any type of story about the company and their services.  We took a format that the owner liked and developed and customized pages and content.  The site is lightning fast, is easily changeable, and loaded with relevant content.  As an added benefit we made adjustments to the company’s exisiting video and landed him on front page Google two days into our project.

bath company website

Great Baths Company

Our founder’s first web project and it dates back to 1998. Completely untouched since it’s online date it stands more as a legacy than an active online business. But the simple structure, plain pages, and sleek design for a site over 14 years old is a testimony to the philosophies that drive much of what we do with Fish and Crane today. The site, basic at it is, still looks great and tells a compelling story of a bath niche that remains true in the bath business.

Online brand management

Adivi Corporation

Adivi had a dream. To create a template advertising plug and play system for affiliates, car distributorships, franchises, and other organizations that wanted to control their national image put give representatives powerful marketing tools. Fish and Crane’s head of technology developed the custom software which required detailed reverese  engineering using Java to implement this revolutionary and truly grand plan. To learn more about our software engineering strengths Click here.

Websites for HVAC companies, hvac internet company, web for hvac

HVAC Design Solutions

HVAC Design Solutions of Wisconsie is a respected HVAC design company that until 2011 had no online presence. Starting from scratch Fish and Crane Group developed a framework, design, content, and management system for the company. Within a week HVAC Design-Solutions was on first page Google for several key markets. Currently the site is static but we stand at the ready to guide them to add that needed dynamism to maintain their gained search engine strength and relevance.

LEED business websites

EcoHill LLC

As a start up business in 2008 Fish and Crane was with EcoHill from the beginning. From logo development and website content to managing keywords and running Google Ad Words and Yahoo Search Marketing campaigns. Today EcoHill has a strong front page presence on Google and is a trusted LEED and Commissioning company.

pumping company websites


Wilo is an international and well respected pump manufacturer.  Called in to consult in assisting with the marketing and increasing of Wilo’s presence within LEED and green products. We created a framework for a grand strategy for Wilo. First by presenting ideas and opportunities for Wilo’s products in the green building industry and then a strategy to build brand via coordinated website and video integration.

American websites for foreign companies, engineering websites, websites for engineering

Deinsol Corporation

Deinsol is an international design firm. They came to Fish and Crane for assistance on improving the quality of their content and also to increase search engine strength.  Fish and Crane rewrote most of their technical content and brochures. We assisted on video production for their homepage and advised as Deinsol quickly climbed in all search engines and became number one on Google Video for a key business model.  We also set up a social media component to improve client communication and search engine performance. You can read their letter of thanks here:Thank You Fish and Crane Group

Software content management, drupal programming, java programming


Our head of technology was a key programmer for the creation of Website development, database creation and integration and implementation of their shopping cart. You can read all the programs and software we are comfortable with at Programming and Software