Web Development

Cookie cutter websites are perfect for most cookie cutter companies. But we guide our clients to be thee cookie cutter company. Peter Hetzel


A Different Approach to Website Creation

Creating an Online and Video Presence: The Beginning

Before we even touch a computer we spend a lot of time writing and drawing. We spend a lot of time listening and asking questions. We spend a lot of time accumulating a company’s history, culture, markets, strengths, and dreams. Only then can we begin to think about what type of website and what type of capabilities are appropriate for our clients. Our discovery phase is the basis upon the chosing of the proper framework for your long term goals.


The Right Functions for Your Company’s Goals and Vision

The options and functionality options for websites are probably only limited by imagination. From designing a custom database or applications with your site to just providing a template and the key for your group to run with…we can help. From the discovery phase we base our intial framework for your site. We keep you in touch and welcome and encourage cooperation and client input and suggestions. Not all websites need a customized solution, but all websites need to tell the story of their being and the fire that separates you from your competitors.

Up and Running

Activation day does not mean the end of our relationship. We offer training on how to use, edit, and add to your site for all of your key people. We can monitor search engine performance, help with online advertising campaigns, monitor the traffic and the speed of your site and many other services if needed. We also can add video and other content for you rather than placing that task on someone in house. We stay with our clients well after the job is complete and help them grow. Again, as you grow so can we. That is why we operate under the four tenants of Fish and Crane Group: Friendship, Service, Compassion and Cooperation.

Beyond Your Website

This is the exciting part. We believe in infinite possibilities.