Four Core Philosophies

A Company of Service

Help whomever you can without hesitation. -Richard Chapman-aka Johnny Appleseed

Service is a more traditional business term but we do not take the word and its meaning lightly. Being of service to Fish and Crane means more than just responding to emails and phone calls. Being of service means keeping clients updated on their projects, providing opportunities for in process input and changes, and being available when the inevitable challenge presents itself.  Our creativity in production is also used as creativity in problem solving. At Fish and Crane Group we are always developing and looking for new ways to be of service to our friends with compassion.


A Company That Treats Clients as Friends

It is not so much our friends’ help that help us as the confident knowledge that they will help us. -Epicurus

Our business is to help your business create an online and advertising presence that will grow your company. As our clients grow so will our opportunities to grow Fish and Crane.  Through the process of learning about your company and your challenges and successes it’s hard not to develop a friendship between us and your employees. Friendship, and all the qualities of being a friend, is not traditionally a business term,  but we understand our limited  time on Earth. So we operate as being a friend to all.


A Company With Compassion

In separation lies the world’s great misery, in compassion lies the world’s true strength. -Siddhartha

We believe in order to Create unique and effective video, web development and advertising for our clients we have to research and understand. Through this understanding we learn your company’s business model, capabilities, markets, dreams, strengths and challenges.  But Fish and Crane will process this background information from a perspective of compassion. With compassion and understanding from our part, we build trust and gain insight that can lead to the creation of amazing videos, advertisements, and web development.  From a start up to a multi-international firm, our cultivation within us of compassion for our friends, their challenges, our world, and one another manifests into our work.

The Spirit of Cooperation

You grow. We grow. -Peter Van Hetzel- Fish and Crane Group

We operate with a mentality of operating a large open boat. Many can come aboard. Fish and Crane Group is always looking for talent and companies to help all of us grow.   A spirit of cooperation is fundamental in our dealings with clients and our associates. Because of our desire and willingness to cooperate with talented and determined companies and individuals it makes us stronger. From that  strength we make our clients stronger  so we say to you now, “Welcome, friend. Help us help our friends.”


With these four tenants as our core,  and the people of us, our clients hopefully feel completely comfortable to  share their dreams with us of  infinite possibilities.  Then we can commence step by step to realize them. - Dan White- Fish and Crane Group