Creative Services

Some see destination some see roadblocks but cooperation sees a path. -PV

Advertisers are accused of insulting the intelligence of the American people.  So the opposite is compliment the stupidity?-PV

Sellers of toothpaste need a great ad company, but sellers of teeth seem to get along just fine. -PV

Fire- Intensity- Light

Even the top creative organizations and ad firms eventually can use some fresh insights and perspectives from ones that are not blinded by the perceived limits of perception developed over time. We can provide the spark to jump start a process stalled or staled. From initial brainstorming sessions to total grand gesture execution, Fish and Crane brings a useful combination of knowing the digital technical feasibility in conjunction with and creative inspiration.

We gladly welcome shared projects, joint ventures, partnerships, or some type of relationship or challenge that has never been tried. Grand gestures, big picture thinking, with our technological foundation might be just what your project or firm could use to help restore fire-intensity-light.

Most of the below concepts are for major companies but we welcome a chance to put our creative team to the test to help your orginazation create a game changing play.

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On Location for A Conceptual Shot for Gray and Ice

Current concept inspirations, slogan and tag line, and developing projects for Fish & Crane include:

Buick (Yes, Buick)
Sanyo HVAC
Red Stripe Beer
To Be Determined (TBD) Oral Care
TBD Tire Manufacturer
Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club in Conjunction with Altria