Video Production

These are just a few of our much earlier pieces in the digital and web production arena. Our latest web content, design and consulting work is being assimilated now. Thank you for your patience- we do not want to be another “cobbler’s kid’s shoes” multi-media group….but we see how it can happen. We are working for our clients over here!-PV

DEINSOL CORPORATION: International Engineering Firm
Services: Web Content, Sales Brochure Development, Search Engine Consulting, Video Production, Voice Overs

Deinsol is a leading engineering design firm based in New Delhi, India. They perform technical mechanical engineering for firms all over
the world and needed to get their website up to American standards. We helped them web content and the development of their sales brochures.
We also assisted them in the creation of a video to help them develop a stronger search engine presence and to assist clients in understanding the technical computational fluid dynamic studies that they create. The project worked. Deinsol is first page Google Images for numerous keywords and their site certainly has become an asset rather than a liability.

A-1 ASPHALT COMPANY: Asphalt Blacktop and Sealcoating Firm
Services:Website design, Website Content, Website Content Management, WordPress Blog Management, Ad Words Management, Search Engine Optimization, Video Production, Voice OverA-1 Asphalt Co. is a small firm but they have big dreams and are realizing them. Two years ago A-1 Asphalt had no website and operated via yellow pages and direct mail. Fish and Crane designed their website and created all their content. We managed their Google Ad Words and Yahoo Search Marketing Programs and were able to faze out the programs entirely due to an organic search dominance the likes of which few companies have ever had in their market. We recently added a WordPress blog to their existing site and blended it seamlessly. Now the company is able to make their own changes to the site via smart phone and keep customers and the search engines busy with fresh content. A-1 didn’t need a porsche to dominate online, but they did need a car and Fish and Crane continues to drive it for them with a great return on investment.

ECOHILL LLC: Building, Energy, LEED Consulting and Design
Solutions: Fish and Crane was with EcoHill in the beginning.Web Content Development, Ad Word and Yahoo Search Marketing management, Search Engine Optimization, Video Production, Writing, Post Editing, and On Camera.Another firm that understands the power of video, content, and strategic online advertising. As the videos show, Fish and Crane tackled some technical deep water in the quick creation of the geothermal videos. The client had the project date moved up, and we scrampled to put the shoot together. Using primitive equipment that we had at the time, the production quality is no where near our standards but the results were exceptional. The horizontal boring video on the right has been watched by nearly 13,000 viewers on YouTube and on EcoHill’s site. Fish and Crane prides itself on our knowlege of the construction trades and can bring the power of multimedia, search engine optimization, and great website development to them. Having a web and video company that can understand technical businesses and can communicate to the client’s audience is a niche of ours.

Shifting Circles Television Project
Shifting Circles is a television series concept developed with Ardent Media of Vancouver. The concept is a traveling show that highlights unique people and events from special locations around the United States and the World. The concept has changed greatly from the images on the trailer and we welcome inquiries.

Education Project: Personal Project for Unidentified Flying Object Enthusiast
This is a unique project put together on a low budget for a UFO enthusiast. We edited and performed the voice over and put what was a very confused and convoluted story into a coherent piece. Piece of what we are not sure, but we post this to show our ability to make something out of nothing. We can and have then made much out of something.