About Us

Dreamers, strategists, and creatives  supported by  technological masters can transform Davids into Goliaths and Goliaths into omnipotents.  PV


Fish and Crane is a Chicago and Vancouver affordable media partner for firms on the verge. From digital and film production, core website development and programming, to marketing, strategy and advertising solutions Fish and Crane arms the little guys with big time power.

With over 45 years of web, technical programming, digital and marketing experience we  also are operating with core principles a little different than most. We encourage you to also read the four fundamental  tenants of our company.  By listening, understanding, and researching we are able to produce with our clients “living” websites, digital content, advertising and market strategies that are needed to help any business maintain or grow their presence online and with traditional media.

One of our founders, Peter Hetzel of Chicago is a former marketing executive for EcoHill. With full studio capabilities in near West Loop we are also affiliated with the film and television production arm of  Pat Bermel’s Ardent Media of Vancouver, B.C. Canada.  For small projects or a grand film gesture, Fish and Crane can be your powerful multimedia and creative partner.  Along with our  complete web development capabilities  we can fully create and integrate multimedia seamlessly into your existing website or create new. We also provide straight consulting services and can help lay out a framework of change and opportunity for your company.

Welcome, friends. The infinite  starts with a simple email or phone call.