“Potcast” Viewers Finding on Get Doug With High

Nov 22, 2013   //   by Peter H   //   Concept Development  //  Comments Off

International Broadcasting Just Takes a Pipe Dream

The difference between Doug Benson and the multiple millions of people who have smoked marijuana, got high and come up with an idea is that Benson acts upon.  One can claim pretty confidently that the idea for Get Doug With High a weekly live talk show that plays on Video Podcast Network was the creation of a stoned epiphany.

THe host Doug Benson and a guest smoke a lot of cannabis with a variety of pipes and other delivery mechanisms and basically talk about their lives and being high. It’s watchable at times because Benson is creative and has a nice wit and his guests, with varying marijuana experiences, can create some pretty odd moments. My stream recently froze on this moment with one of his guests and it kind of captures the entire show.

Benson amusing himself with a question and a guest

Benson amusing himself with a question and a guest



But the show is attracting viewers and that means revenue. WIth a primitive set, a couple of inexpensive cameras, live feeds, and a couple of microphones international broadcasting is accesible to all. This is the one realization that comes from wasting an hour of one’s life watching other people become intoxicated. If you have an idea, and you have a style, and you can get some friends together to help…the world of international broadcasting is yours. And that, like a lot of Doug Benson’s jokes on Get DOug With High, is a very good thing indeed.

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