What to do with a Google Unnatural Links Message?

Aug 30, 2012   //   by Peter H   //   Google Search Applicators  //  Comments Off

Company websites are being hit with Google Unnatural Links messages

Photo of Fish and Crane Google Applicators

Google Unnatural Links notices require the scientific method to be applied to your website’s relationship with the web, Google, and the truth.

Google unnatural link messages are generated because of the new algorithm Penguin Google is using to determine which websites provide honest and quality content, and which websites are using tricks to get high Google ratings.

Why Did Google Target Our Site?

Even websites that do not conciously use black hat link building are deception are receiving these unnatural links messages. This can be brought about a couple of ways. Previously dead domains that are brought back to life may have skeletons in the closet, for example. Like the poem carved recently by a Fish and Crane Google Search Applicator:

Oh domain we cry for the sins of your past
reborn from the grave
to another’s dream
repeats and lays for another

Another reason is the variety of your links or the quality of the sites that are linking to you is deemed of low or an irrelevant nature. If you received a Google Unnatural Links Email, let us know. We’ll gladly answer some of your questions and explore avenues to help you regain your footage and reputation with Google.

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