Online Honesty in the Era of Penguin

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It May Take a Team to Figure Out What Ails Your Google Search Rankings and a Transformation to Work Well With Google Penguin.

Oh domain we cry for the sins of your past
reborn from the grave
of another’s dream
to repeat and lay for another

It seems no matter how technical we become and how complicated our creations the end results are still humans producing and reproducing systems or tools found in nature. From flight from the birds to web networks that parallel countless other systems and structures in nature, humans can not create beyond what we can not imagine. Google is no different, but fortunately their efforts to create the best web search experience for consumers for now is rewarding a new online honesty of content.

Google Penguin Algorithm and Humanity

The efforts by Google to create a more honest online search experience has caused many online companies to come face to face with their consequences of their actions. Online tricks of the past, from link building to keyword content stuffing, that worked well until Google Penguin and Panda are now being outed as mere fakery and illusion. The humans who made these false yet powerful web networks had as their foundation the need to be on first page Google. Now these phantom networks must adapt to a new Google web world were honesty of content and legitimacy of link relationships is awarded priority over skills to trick Google.

As of September 2012 the table has now turned and Google along with Bing continue to make these “honesty” advances by developing smarter and hopefully more fair ways of scoring websites.

Can Penguin get a Leopard to Change Its Spots?

The problem we see is many of these companies are run by people who were and are not of honesty themselves. Greed has driven them to create these illusionary web networks of websites that generated revenues by luring the masses by luring in more masses and then continuing to lure in even more masses all being built upon a connected network of tricks to fool Google. Like massive circles connected to more circles but lacking what consumers seek when performing a search; relevant and honest content.

Honest Websites Hurt by Google Penguin Too

While the time of deliberate online deceptions draws nearer to an end the changes to Google have affected honest companies Google ratings as well. With honesty and quality being rewarded by Google the repowering of many websites will take analytic couch time. At Fish and Crane we are thrilled with the changes brought about by Google Penguin and Panda and have a process to help treat honest and, or, clever companies that are being hurt by the new algorithms. Applying the scientific method to the status of your website we can diagnosis and then begin to cleanse and build again your website to meet the expectations of Google Penguin and Panda.

To begin a discussion on ways we can bring honesty and closure to your website’s past and create a new future for your online presence that will meet the approval of search engines we await your contact. The era of online honesty in content is here and we offer more than technical assistance to help your humans see a new online path.

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