SEO Slicksters Losing Ground to Media Content Producers

Aug 21, 2012   //   by Peter H   //   Google Search Applicators  //  1 Comment

Search engine optimization (SEO) relates to how well your online presence helps get your website to Google’s homepage. That’s basically it. This new “science” has attracted a lot of characters from true gurus to tricksters. Companies have no choice but to produce fresh content and marketing directors’ increased roles in producing the kind of web content and updates needed for first page Google are becoming unsustainable. There may be other courses of action for companies to play at the top of the Google mountain.

Google holds most of the cards in SEO and they are very careful to communicate to all how they determine where your site sits using algorithms that are constantly being improved upon. Google has to be very careful to maintain fairness and provide opportunities for all or risk US government intervention in what could be perceived as a Google search monopoly. For example, at the local site level, smaller companies do not have to spend thousands of hours to break through a world wide web of competition to see their site on Google first page.

Google, to their credit, is constantly fine tuning their algorithms and the latest version called Penguin is another step toward trying to weed out the tricksters of website manipulation. Ultimately Google’s trend of “scoring” websites continues to climb up the hill of quality first. Which leads us to the problems with most search engine optimization companies: Lack of intelligent insight and core knowledge of your industry.

The Next Generation of SEO Companies

We see our role as a web content and information supervising development tool for your business. This is a broad statement that includes a lot of fundamental principles of how Google operates. But the future is clearly quality web content that is appealing to customers and provides the information that searchers seek. Social media’s role in the Google algorithm is vital in the process as well, and providing good social media experiences moves us back into the domain of creative content development. That is us.

We have a solid understanding of the latest SEO prinicples coupled with creative capabilities to help you build your brand and online experience. We are the new wave of SEO companies: Multi Media Google Applicators…or something like this. We welcome you to reach out to us and let’s begin a discussion on where you company wants to go with an online presence and begin to develop a plan to help you get there. Whether we are creating the content or working in partnership, Fish and Crane Group is a multi capability friend in the evolving SEO media production world.

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