Web Site Content is Now King

Aug 10, 2012   //   by Peter H   //   Concept Development  //  Comments Off

It is not lost on us that decent websites can be created quickly and easily. We can get your business up and running with a quality site for under $500.00 Some companies offer free websites, or low up front costs.

We are wary of offers like free, or low start up costs. Maybe we give people too much credit, but few things of value are free. Ultimately you have a purpose for creating a website. Template or one size fits all companies are not able to give individualized content development services…without their costs getting very expensive in a hurry.

The quality of your company’s website content is becoming the dominate factor for search engine performance. The old days of tricking Google by content farming, or link purchasing are soon coming to an end.

Companies that use content or link tricks are finding their search engine ratings taking horrible hits. Their domain names can even have a stigma placed upon them that makes it hard for your company to recover from the stench of trickery that Google and Bing can smell out easily.

For quality content that scores well with the search engines, and helps you meet your reason for a website in the first place we suggest you use a company with a web content development track record. We have brought companies to first page Google with nothing more that identifying a niche and telling an honest story.

Website content that is honest and relevant is what is most important in your search engine performance. Give us a call to find out how we can help you develop your website the right way.

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