Your Website is the First Step but Avoid Stagnation

Jul 2, 2012   //   by Peter H   //   website development  //  Comments Off

Keep your focus on your website to avoid being lost by the search engines and searchers.

The first steps for a website or online business is of course making a sharp webiste. But the creation of website is simply the first step to online success. Once your website is created, there needs to be a long term plan to keep your content fresh and also to let the web community know you exist.

Fortunately there are many free first steps you can take to announce your presence. Sites like Google and Yahoo allow you to register your sits on their search engines and also to have your site appear on their local search pages.

While the process is straight forward enough, there are many things to consider as you start to add content to local pages. It is also a time consuming process and most webmasters don’t like to do such work but the importance of quality and accurate content is something that should not be overlooked.

So your website is the first step, but the ongoing refreshing of content and registration to share your work with the world requires consistent effort.

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