What is Alternative Corporate Healing?

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Alternative Corporate Healing (ACH) is just a small part and can  be  a “start part” of our consulting work.  It’s really not much more than some reflection, analysis, honesty, idea sharing, history dealing, future freeing….  simple stuff perhaps. But when looking at developing online strategies it is often the case that a company’s dreams and the image they want to project are not aligned.

We view a company from a lens that they behave like a living organism. Since the main goals of life seem to be survival and growth;  being healthy, balanced, wise, sustainable, welcoming, liked and having  friends are nice goals and a great projection of how you may want your business  represented online.

The ACH process and results developed by our owners can  be chewed into a condition or language that can make this knowledge more easily digestable to  skeptical  eagle chick corporations. Because some of the language and possible techniques may be out of “norm” the process works best when the highest levels of leadership truly are looking for some insight from unique sources.  To start a discussion on alternative corporate healing process,  first you simply have to say hello.

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Alternative Corporate Healing 2012- starts with ink placed upon paper which is then easily digested and/or destroyed.

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