My Business Needs an Exorcism?

Apr 21, 2012   //   by Peter H   //   Alternative Corporate Healing, Network Development  //  Comments Off

An exorcism for a business? This idea that a business is infected with the devil may be a bit extreme. But I understand the sentiment in which these comments are made. People often view their own or another  as the devil. My heart goes out to those trapped in a corporation or competition that makes them feel this way.

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The proof? When ready to see the proof it will be everywhere. Guaranteed.

Words are almost all we have to express energy,  so they have and release tremdous power.  Making statements like “is the devil, or evil” might actually reveal more about the speaker than the subject of the accusation.  Not to make light of their frustration, nor do I not deny that many companies are doing bad things, but projecting this negative energy does little to harm the target and  may  be infecting the sender.

But  one area that our Group has  been putting energy into is building our circle of knowledge and talent  familiar with the ways of purification processes and ceremony for a corporation that may be struggling with past troubles, or perceptions of failure due to past perceived sins. Our techniques and ceremony as part of the multi facets of Alternative Corporate Healing ACH can create transformations to an entire corporate culture. If they are ready.

Fish and Crane Group sees this area as an undeveloped source of insight, creativity, and power. Alternative methods can produce alternative and unique results. These  ideas may be much stronger initially than most business training as evidence by this:

When I was performing energy assessments for companies at EcoHill, finding up to 30% energy savings was pretty common. Getting companies to change a faucet to save water however was  not the solution. Getting employees to understand the miracle of, and the appreciation for, every molecule of water was a transformation that changed them, changed behavior, helped their lives, helped their company and the planet.

I  feel  the same way about most business consulting. Standing in front of focused, talented, but stressed executive and telling them how to cut fat and save pennies  is right at the right time. But before truly grand strategy and process transformations can occur I think a company is wise to confront and clear  its past, recreate their warrior spirit, rethink their thinking, and then, with those steps complete,  paths for visions of their future will appear.

While some great business leaders have used similar techniques, this source of human power is an area where few organizations are structurally able to explore.  But we feel the groups with leaders that are open to alternative corporate healing, strategies, insights, and wisdoms put their companies in a space of nearly unlimited possibilities.

Exorcism for business? Maybe not. But  alternative ceremony, purification, wisdom, energies and  processes?  Yes. Yes, indeed.

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