Your Business-Your Reason for Being

Jan 8, 2012   //   by Peter H   //   Concept Development  //  Comments Off

We have started to ask clients what their company’s reason for being is. This seemingly simple question is anything but easy to answer for most. Making money or obligations to shareholders can be a key component in the answer we get but that does not move the spirit, employees, or customers.

The companies that have the greatest brand loyalty are loved and respected by their customers for reasons other than great stock performance. Companies like Amazon or Honda are operating from a different stance than obligations to shareholder. Positive stock performance for these companies follows a reason for being that transcends the bottom line. A company’s reason for being that is deeper than dollars can over time develop trust, affection and loyalty from customers and transfers into increased employee satisfaction as well.

Getting a client to speak from the heart at a deeper human level helps us to develop a web strategy that will do more than just sell, sell, sell. Also when Social Media Campaigns are developed from the heart customers follow. We “like” companies on facebook, for example, not because of profits, but because their reason for being speaks to something higher than profits…it speaks to our human spirit.

What is your firms reason for being? We welcome a chance to discuss it and develop the beauty and power within it.

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