Season of Gold for Packers May Bring Gold for Client

Dec 12, 2011   //   by Peter H   //   Concept Development  //  Comments Off

While the Green Bay Packers march toward a possible undefeated season and second consecutive Super Bowl victory a client of ours asked us to come up with a name for the or a way that the season may be remembered.

“The team’s colors are green and gold so we hit upon, Season of Gold,” says Peter Hetzel creative director for Fish and Crane. “Needless to say we were surprised that the domain was available, and so was our client. We love the potential marketing and spinoffs from the domain so we’ll see where they take the concept.”

“While we are evolving as a creative firm, it hasn’t stopped us from assembling a substantial group of eccentrics who have developed some ideas and concepts in the last half of 2011. Steve Jobs never believed in market research, just his gut and his sense, his heart. That is the new energy that firms are looking for who believe in the Jobsian spirit. So, here we humbly sit. Producing and waiting for you in this a Season of Gold.

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