Website Design for HVAC Companies

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Chicago HVAC Companies Websites Need Help

Bad websites and videos are actually not limited to Chicago, and certainly not limited to just HVAC companies, but this is one market we have specialized in from our beginning. The content components of a sound website for any industry requires some experience in that industry. HVAC knowledge is a huge help for us as we build our client list within this market.
As a LEED and geothermal consultant for a terrific consulting company called EcoHill Solutions, I learned a lot about an industry that will always be needed, and is constantly changing. HVAC is the cutting edge for green technologies and energy challenges and the industry needs to keep pace with these changes online.

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On location for a geothermal horizontal bore video and website project.

New Websites for HVAC companies

A lot of HVAC companies are using sites designed by a family member- or they just post it and forget. Some sites we actually have reservations about taking down. It’s like tearing down an old period piece building. Fortunately there is a reservoir for those old websites Here’s a link to this fun archive.  We often integrate some of the classic elements, but old and unchanging websites do not help win business. Customers want a sense of credibility and professionalism before they make the inital call. A professional website creates that solid first impression.

HVAC companies need to start to get serious about their web presence and also be aware of what products and services customers are looking for in the age of LEED, green, and efficiency. With our video and web development expertise along with knowledge of the industry, Fish and Crane is becoming a winning HVAC web design company for customers that think seriously about their online presence.


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