Listen Here to the 123 Year Old Recording

Jul 8, 2011   //   by Peter H   //   Concept Development  //  Comments Off

Thomas Edision’s failed talking doll project left a tin cylinder phonograph record that until recently was unplayable. You can listen to the 123 year old voice of a woman reciting Twinkle Twinkle Little Star here:
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Good sound quality is important- but as this case shows- it’s not everything. When it comes to video production- unique content with good quality is the winning combination. While this audio recording may have poor sound quality its uniqueness is fascinating.

How is My Company Unique

Actually we find the most interesting element to be her diction. One can imagine that the voice for a talking doll would be a voice familiar to most Americans at the time. For better or worse, the sounds humans make continues to change rapidly. Naturalists see this in bird calls- a bird that develops a unique song has more mates and is quickly copied by others.

At Fish and Crane Group we talk a lot about novelty. Read More Novelty usually wins out in nature’s evolutionary battle and in business as well. Is your company’s website revealing your business novelty? Are you clearly separating yourself from your competition in some way? One of our strengths is identifying the novel and promoting it online and through video.

A Brand New Way of Looking at Our Company

Too often people within an organization lose the sense of novel their firm possesses. That’s why companies that can reach out so often are the ones rewarded with fresh ideas and a great online and /or video strategy. We gladly await your call or an email to brainstorm some possibilities to tell it to the world that you are as unique as the voice on Edision’s recording!

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