Novel Ideas for Websites and Companies

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Novelty vs. Habit. The history of the world shows that novelty wins. Terence McKenna

One of the world’s great thinkers, Terence McKenna, I trust will forgive me from the spirit world for taking some poetic license with that quote roughly summarizing his theory on the cosmos. He may be a little less forgiving of our using his ideas and the IChing to help companies sell more products or gain website visitors. But this is the world I have found myself in and it is what we have to do. Forgive me, the Cosmos, but here I go.

Novel Website Development

The concept of novelty vs. habit and the connections to website development, advertising, and marketing are pretty obvious. There is much to be said for a company of habit. Their systems, procedures, and marketing have worked well for them in the past and may continue to keep the lights on today. But as we rush into the great online unknown, all the great institutions of habit should stop and ask this simple McKennaesque question, “What the hell is going on here?”

The Greatest Idea in Business History is Moments Away

We feel all companies need to be asking themselves, “What is happening?”. Honestly, few people know. The web, search engine wars, and technology in general continues to transform at break neck speeds, but the process of looking at your company through a spirit of unlimited possibilities certainly will bring breakthroughs.   Firms need to consider bringing in outside gestures like Fish and Crane that can add to the conversation of “what is possible.” Companies that openly explore all elements of their traditional habit business from the mail room to the boardroom to the showroom will have new paths revealed to them.

Internet Transformation of Business

Traditional media broadcasters are one example of the revolutionary transformation of website and technological power. 20 years ago the idea of stating an international broadcasting company would be astronomically expensive. Today, a 12 year old with a $50 camera, a $200 computer and an internet connection can broadcast to the world and compete with multi internationals for viewers. These types of habit rocking changes are present whether you are a car company or a furniture maker and companies that fail to recognize it or fail to see the opportunities for themselves are deservably in trouble.

Habit is a Worthy Adversary of Novel but Will Lose in the End

I think what happens to habit firms is they forget that novelty was probably their origin.

From the internet, to cars to soft drinks, one rule of thumb seems to continue to win the day, novelty. We encourage you to contact our free thinking technolgically and creatively powerful group to explore how we can help you rediscover the culture of the novel in your company that is the only path to maintaining and growing in a world that few know “what’s going on”.

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