Corporate Jester- Free From Your Habits

Jun 23, 2011   //   by Peter H   //   Alternative Corporate Healing, Concept Development  //  Comments Off

No, we don’t know your company’s limitations and if you continue to tell us we will become like all the rest, completely useless to you.

Outside Creative Spirits Free From Your Baggage

One of my long time strengths has been listening to people tell me about their business and regardless of the field usually being able to materialize novel ideas on ways to expand, diversify, or think about their processes differently. I am not trained by any particular consulting system like kaizen for example, I just listen and make connections that many people don’t see.

Our ideas like everything else fall along the Bell curve. Some are totally unrealistic and ridiculous and some may be industry changing. Most fall somewhere in the middle but can make some significant changes to companies. But like all novelty, ideas further away from center are met with greater resistance.

Game Changing Ideas Created by Believers of Infinite Possibility

Organizations and the people they hire develop habits. I respect habit as it makes the engine go on the track. Many humans find comfort and perhaps a false sense of security that habit gives them. Habit companies progress and make advancements and many succeed. But it takes a special conductor to ask, “Where is this track taking all of us, and are there other tracks or engines we could be riding?”

Novel ideas can answer back. If good, novel and grand gestures are listened to, and executed, a company of habit can transform into a company of novelty. “Novelty wins in the Cosmos,” said Terence McKenna and it is novelty that wins in business and certainly online.

Business Transformations Measured in Seconds via Search Engine Performance

The time it takes for you or a competitor to increase market share, improve company performance, and transform public perceptions in 2012 can now be measured in minutes not days or years. The web, social media, and constant contact opportunities have changed everything. Firms of habit that are slow to react or are reluctant to change into a company of novelty can find themselves at the end of the line in a hurry. Future growth or destruction can be measured instantly by clicks of a mouse or pushes of the thumb.

Greatest Opportunity for Business

The firms that say, let’s expand our thinking, let’s expand our sense of the reality of us, and let’s re-examine everything from a position of novel rather than habit have a chance to truly dominate their competitors. We welcome a chance to walk with your leaders and present some possible new paths of infinite possibilities. We stand by ready to share our view of the technological and human landscape and all its possibilities with companies ready to or in need of transformation. As your firm grows so shall we.

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