First Page Google -Then What?

Jun 9, 2011   //   by Peter H   //   Concept Development  //  Comments Off

When First Page Google is Not Enough

by Peter Hetzel

Search Engine Optimization is Not the End Game

Search Engine Optimization may be best defined as how well your islands of information are found in an ocean filled with islands. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing have slightly unique ways that they rate which companies websites show up on their first pages. A location we call the Golden Page.  But making it to the Golden Pages with a site that doesn’t represent your company, culture, and business difference turns all your efforts into a farce.

Websites That Win Customers

At Fish and Crane we stress that all the tricks, techniques, hard work and money that goes into improving your ability to have your site found won’t mean anything if your website doesn’t look professional, give guests what they are looking for, or build trust.  That is why our first website design priority is to sit with your team and learn your history, company culture, business model and near and infinite possibility goals.

Then our website design difference takes over. One of our competitive advantages is our abiity to quickly understand complex business models, products,  markets, advantages, and niches.  We are more than website designers or video production people, we add new business insight and ideas that can help to differentiate your company in everything you do, not just your website.

For some business models however, often a company’s only advantage is a competitor’s mistake.  Not having a website that looks put together, dynamic and user friendly is a mistake that probably you or a competitor is making. Then the Golden Question becomes, do you know which one of you?


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