Helping Clients via Appropriate Multi Media Solutions

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Having a rock solid technological foundation gives Fish & Crane the ability to execute magnificent creative leaps or a very simple first step.PV

The Right Website for Your Business

By Peter Van Hetzel

Just because a website technology or a digital technique can be done doesn’t mean it’s best for our clients. Learning our clients’ business niche, demographic, market, and ultimate goals determines the technology we suggest or use, not the other way around. Says Technology Director of Fish and Crane, Daniel White.

“It’s a different way of thinking about how we will grow our multimedia business. Our clients considerations, capabilities, and needs fuel the scope of our proposal for website and video creation. Does every company’s sales people need to have them driving expensive cars? No. For some businesses a salesperson in a flashy car coming into their parking is actually a turn of.

Custom Website Solutions

Peter Hetzel’s father owned a bar and liquor store as he grew up and he tells the story that he was only allowed to drive inexpensive vehicles. His father didn’t want his customers to think we they were too rich. That’s a good way for us to look at how we design websites and shoot videos. There is a time for flash and a time for function. This is what listenting and serving our customers means to us. ”

Chicago television studio

A Time to Deck Out and a Time to be Simple

Too many of us have either worked for a company or had a sales person try to force on the client the solution that is best for them not the customer. “We quickly recommend others that might be better for a particular client need. What we lose on that particular solution we gain on building the trust of our friends, meaning our clients,” continued White.

A Different Kind of Website and Video Company

“In website design, multi media and video production, we are always going to be needed by friends that are growing. That’s the beauty. We make them stronger and they use us more to get even stronger. We say, ‘We can make Davids Goliaths and Goliaths ominipotent,’ and it’s true.”

In Chicago and around the world website development and digital video content are major tools to tell your company’s story in a truthful and appropriate way. We encourage you to contact us and let’s begin a no obligation discussion into what’s possible for your company online regardless of size.

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